Personalized Experiences in Paleontology

     Have you wanted to join an authentic dinosaur expedition? Have you wanted to discover a dinosaur and contribute to scientific knowledge? Each summer families, individuals, students, and teachers team up with the staff from the Two Medicine Dinosaur Center as they head out onto the Montana frontier in search of dinosaur fossil remains. It can be a shared family experience, a trip into a natural wonderland, or the adventure of a lifetime.
     Join us in one of the following exciting field paleontology opportunities!

2014 Program Offerings:

Programs at Bynum:

3-Hour: Instruction in basic fossil recognition, area history, and geology on-site. Transportation to and from the field locality is provided, and the program may be scheduled at either 9 a.m. or 1 p.m..

Cost: $75.00 per person.

1-Day: This program includes instruction in basic field search procedures, fossil recognition, and excavation procedures. Lunch, transportation to site, and tools are provided. Program begins at 9 a.m.

Cost: $150.00 per person.

2-Day and longer: These programs provide ever-increasing breadth and depth of involvement in the various aspects of fossil collection, preservation, research, and display. Aspects covered may include such diverse topics as dinosaur systematics, area geology, fossil preparation, paleoclimates, and molding and casting. Each day begins at 9 a.m., and lunch, tools, and transportation to and from the various study localities are provided. These classes are arranged around the current research efforts of the Center and the desired educational experiences of the participants.

Cost: $140.00 per person per day.

Courses for Credit:

5-Day: Course available for teacher certification credit. This course investigates basic geology and paleontology, based on the Two Medicine Formation (late Cretaceous) and provides teaching materials designed for the elementary classroom. Participants will have the opportunity to excavate dinosaur bones from the actual working site, prep the bones, and consider reconstruction techniques for the animal as well as observe area geology.
Course Dates: end of June - to be announced.

Cost: $350.00 Research Center Fee plus the fee for Credits. Those who wish to take the 5-day class without credits may do so for a $600.00 Research Center Fee.

10-Day: Students will be actively involved in discovery, preservation, preparation and interpretation of fossil remains in an actual research environment.. Focuses on discoveries in the Two Medicine Formation. This program is a requirement for becoming a volunteer for our organization, and professional development college credits for this seminar are available. Maximum of 15 persons.
Session dates: Begins 3rd Monday in July.

Cost: $1,400.00 Research Center Fee, plus $120.00 per Credit should credits be desired.

The above-listed programs are primarily conducted in the Two Medicine Formation as daily drives from our Dinosaur Center. Other opportunities for participation may be available, and we do partner with other institutions and offer public dig opportunities in other localities. Please call for details on these opportunities. Lunch is provided for all-day and multiple-day programs, and transportation to and from the field site to the Dinosaur Center is also provided. All other accommodations are the responsibility of the participants. Programs have no set age limit; However, participants are STRONGLY urged to realistically assess capabilities, levels of interest, and attention spans of younger participants. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Members of the organization may deduct 10% from published rates.

Programs elsewhere around Montana

1 to 5 day opportunities at our site near Malta, Montana! Contact the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum for more information and booking!